“Education has always been Anu’s passion. She has dedicated her life to studying the issues that impact the youth of Scarborough. She teaches the future teachers of tomorrow in her classes. We need respect and integrity returned to our public offices and Anu represents these qualities!”

- Kathy Gerus-Darbison, Educator, Director at Stitches Women's Intiativest

“Anu is always our trusted go-to person for advice on schooling issues, whether it is about day-cares services, or where and what programs to enroll our children. She does her research thoroughly, and takes decision-making very seriously. She would be a wonderful asset to the school board. She would bring a refreshing perspective to the people of Scarborough Rouge-Park.”

"Anu has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to issues related to young people in our communities. As parents and residents of the Highland Creek community we are confident in her dedication, focus, and work ethic. She has great experience dealing with complex issues. She brings a well-reasoned perspective and wants the best for everyone. Anu has a refreshing sense of optimism when dealing with even then most difficult tasks. She will make a great addition to the school board."

--Dr. Thanu Ruban MD and Sujeev Ruban, Highland Creek residents.

“Dr. Anu is a great researcher and a strong advocate for children and young people in the school system. She has amble experience working from an academic, policy, and advocacy lens. She believes in evidence based decision- making; we know informed choices have the greatest impacts.”

- Dr. Grace, Professor and parent

“Dr. Anu has the amazing ability to weave theory and practice. Though she is an academic she is heavily involved in her local community. Even her research always has a community focus. She cares about Scarborough and understands the issues. She is passionate, kind and has tremendous integrity.”

-Captain Matthew and Captain Nav Hewitt